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Selina Hostel, Tulum


Google: 4.5/5
Booking.com: 8.1
Hostelworld: 9.4

This blog will give you an honest review of the Selina Hostel in Tulum.


The Selina has a Marbella style, beach club vibe. You cannot come here if you do not have a lot of money. It has loud music until the early hours of the morning, if you think Mayan Monkey has loud music, you haven’t been to the Selina. This hostel / hotel is made up of big groups who are on holiday in Tulum, rather than travelling, who have come for a serious party.


The music is predominantly house music; it is mainly minimal house. The music doesn’t move away from this genre at all, the volume just gets louder as the night goes on.


Essentially Selina is located on the ‘beach road’ which consists of bohemian style, expensive, boutique shops, Instagram photo spots and restaurants. If you have saved up (or just are lucky enough to have a fair bit of money) you will enjoy choosing a restaurant at night on this road, browsing in the stunning shops or going to one of the beach clubs. It can be up to $200 Dollars to enter a beach club party in the evening with well known DJ’s and a main meal for dinner costs around $20 Dollars per person, not including drinks. It really is the perfect location if you are on holiday. If you are a traveller however, it is very expensive and not really sustainable if you prefer to travel on a budget. It is also a $300 Pesos ($15 Dollars) cab ride from the main town which is where there are supermarkets, cash points and more local bars. The expense niggle would only really get to you if you are a traveller due to the prices.


In the hostel there are 10 beds per dorm, and it has a large terrace where you can relax, away from the main pool/beach area. Essentially, what they have done for the hostel is take a normal hotel room that they would offer and change it to hostel room by putting bunk beds inside. The beds are probably the best hostel beds I have experienced in Tulum, they have a curtain on every bunk, two pull out drawers under the bed, and an individual locker inside your bunk so that you have full access to all your personal belongings whilst in your bed. You do need to bring a padlock with you as this is not provided. There are two plugs and two USB chargers as well as a bright light in your bed bunk as well. The remainder of Selina is made up of hotel rooms and seeing as it is more suited to holiday makers, I would recommend looking at the hotel rooms for your stay.


The hostel room has only one bathroom between 10 people and they do not have a separate shower to the toilet therefore if someone is in the shower for 15/20 minutes you can not use the toilet. The hostel rooms get cleaned every two days rather than every day which I found strange, most hostel dorms I had stayed in, in Tulum got cleaned daily. With 10 people in a dorm, only one bathroom is not sufficient because the Selina is located right on the beach so everyone in the room has been at the beach all day which means the sand gets EVERYWHERE in the bathroom. It definitely needs to be cleaned daily! In the Mayan Monkey and Meteora Hostel the bathrooms were cleaned every day to a high standard.


The co-working area that Selina offers looks amazing however, you have to pay an extra $15 per day to use it! Considering how expensive the hostel is anyway, you would think that this would be included. If you are coming to Tulum to work, there are much more reasonable co-working hostels such as Meteora (unless you’re not watching your pennies of course). From the website, I felt as though this hostel would have a very digital nomad feel to it, but it’s actually quite the opposite, it has a party feel and working is secondary.

Sleep Quality

No matter where your room is in this hostel you are going to be kept up all hours of the night with the music and people coming into your room late at night / early hours of the morning. If you are looking to sleep at night then this hostel is definitely not for you. However, if you are planning on partying until the early hours of the morning and then sleeping in the day then this will be your kind of place to stay… it’s quiet during the day!


You can choose to get your breakfast included at the hostel but you do not get access to the full breakfast menu, it is very limited.


  • Eggs
  • Fruit
  • Toast

Fresh orange juice and coffee are the available drinks. You could get a smoothie, but this costs extra.

If you are a breakfast person like I am, I would choose to not to get the breakfast included and instead, walk up the ‘beach road’ and there are much more enticing options for breakfast.


There is a shared kitchen area where you can do some cooking and a water machine in order to fill your water bottle up.

Extra amenities

The hostel runs yoga and fitness sessions but again these come at an extra cost, whereas at Mayan Monkey these were free.


There is a bar that does expensive drinks, and the drink prices change the entire time? They will also give you the wrong change back, so be sure to check your change!

Why is it not a 10/10?

I believe that Selina is not a 10/10 because the they brand themselves around co-working which is an extra cost. Everything you want to do in the hostel costs more than what you have paid and there is a limited breakfast.

If you are coming here on holiday, partying every night and money is no issue then this would be an absolutely great place. I particularly think this would be a great place for a hen or stag do to come and fill an entire hostel room with your group of friends. If you are a traveller looking for somewhere to make friends, this is not the perfect place for you because it is a bolt on to the hotel so a lot of people are here in groups or couples; you would be better off staying at Mayan Monkey. Having said that, I did make a really good friend in Selina but again, he was just visiting Tulum for the weekend on vacation.

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