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Meteora Stay and Coffee House, Tulum


Google: 4.8/5
Booking.com: 8.8/10

This blog will explain to you why exactly Meteora Stay and Coffee House Tulum is scoring so high on the ratings.


The vibe of this hostel is suited to a digital nomad. It has a boutique Starbucks feel during the day with soft, acoustic music being played during the day. Most people are sat working on their laptops, it is a great place to meet fellow digital nomads.


Soft acoustic music during the day, past 10PM there is no music, and this is when everyone goes to sleep or they socialise outside of the hostel.


This hostel is perfectly located between Tulum Central and the Beach. The best way to get around is to hire a bike as this is the norm in Tulum and it is a 5-minute cycle to the Centre and 15 minutes to the beach by bicycle.


The rooms are extremely aesthetically pleasing, with a beautiful jungle feel, lots of plants and bamboo. The rooms range from a Queen room if you are looking for more privacy up to 8 people in a dorm. The beds do not have curtains and they have a light for the entire room, not for each individual bed. There is a shelf for your belongings in each individual bed. The cleaners are amazing and make each individual bed every day and organise your belongings if your stuff is scattered all over the bed, which let’s be honest, this happens to most people staying in a hostel.


There are lockers by the poolside and upstairs in the communal areas for all the beds whereby you need your own padlock. You need to have hand luggage sized luggage to fit in the lockers but there is a luggage room if your suitcase is too big where you can store your suitcase/bag for the duration of your stay.


The dorm of 4 had a private bathroom between the 4 that were staying in the dorm. Larger dorms has a bathroom outside of their room to share between 8. You can rent a towel from reception for 50 Pesos.


The workspace is the best aspect of this hostel, as I mentioned earlier it has a Starbucks vibe in the downstairs Coffee House area, and there is a more formal, quiet space upstairs if you really need to knuckle down. I found it really relaxing working in the Coffee House area as it doesn’t feel too intense like you are in an office co-working space. If you are ‘working from home’ but in a corporate job, the downstairs area is probably a bit too relaxed if you need to finish at a specific time and it would be better for you to work upstairs. However, if you are a digital nomad and can set your own deadlines, the vibe of the coffee house is perfect to ensure you don’t feel the burnout effect of working which is what most digital nomads desire.

Sleep quality

Due to the music being switched off at 10PM the sleep quality is great in this hostel. Everyone is getting in a good night sleep before doing a day of work the next day. Everyone is very respectful and quiet in the rooms because of this as there is a mutual understanding that everyone has a days work the next day.


The coffee house has the best food and drinks I have ever experienced in a Hostel. As it is a public café it is not typical hostel food. It ranges from great salads, burgers and breakfast food. There is also an array of different coffees, smoothies and juices.


There is a microwave and a fridge to make basic meals along with a freshwater dispenser.

Extra Amenities

There is a chill out zone with a hammock and two chairs where you can just relax or meditate. Also, a hostel cat who is adorable.

Why is it not a 10/10?

The rooms are small hence why the lockers are outside of the room which might not suit you, personally this did not bother me at all as I just put everything I needed on my shelf in my bed. There are mosquitos here (like most places in Mexico), you need mosquito spray or a plug in to put next to your bed. Breakfast is not included as standard.

Who is best suited to this hostel?

This is the perfect hostel to stay in if you are a digital nomad and want an amazing co-working space, exceptional food and a nice place to sleep. Most people here are working for a big corporate company it seems as they are working the traditional 9 – 5 or 8 – 6 hence why everything goes quiet at night.

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