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Google: 4.4/5
Booking.com: 8.6/10
Hostelworld: 8.6/10

Hey guys, thanks for stopping by! I know, you want to know what the Mayan Monkey is really like. Guess what, I’m about to tell you everything in this blog, all the nitty gritty and why it’s so high on the ratings!


The vibe of this hostel is for the sociable, partying sort. It is FULL (literally, book early) of travellers looking to make friends.

The vibe at the Mayan Monkey – a great place to make friends.


In the daytime they play chart song covers, in the evening it would turn into house music and sometimes a bit of EDM.


This hostel is perfectly located between Tulum Central and the Beach. The best way to get around is to hire a bike as this is the norm in Tulum and it is a 5-minute cycle to the Centre and 15 minutes to the beach by bicycle.


The rooms are generally larger than most hostels, typically ranging from 8 – 12 beds in a dorm. However, they do not feel anywhere near as big as this as each individual bed has a curtain, two plug sockets, a light and a shelf. As a result, you find yourself having a very private space even though you are in a big dorm.


The lockers are large in the Mayan Monkey, you need your own padlock but you can purchase one at the reception for $5.


The rooms have two showers between twelve people and two toilets between twelve people. The cleaners come in every day and clean this area, it is an extremely clean hostel. They are private bathrooms so are just simply for the 12 people in the dorm. The bathrooms are modern, with a changing area allocated to each of the showers so you don’t have to try and get changed in your bed and accidentally flash to your roommate. There are two sinks with a massive mirror to do your make up. The reception staff give you two proper bath towels that you can change for clean ones as often as you like for a rental fee of $20.


There is a quiet area where a lot of people do their work and chill out, out of the sun. This hostel doesn’t revolve around a digital nomad feel though so if you are looking to focus on your work you are probably going to be distracted like crazy (as I was) and prefer the sound of dancing the night away.

Sleep quality

The rooms are separate from the main bar and party area however, with partying being the core of this hostel, naturally, there are people coming into the rooms throughout the night. The DJ stops playing at 1PM. So, if you are getting involved in the partying or do not mind being woken up a bit then you’ll absolutely love it.


Breakfast is in INCLUDED and it is absolutely incredible!


  • Bowl of fruit
  • Pancakes (extra cost)
  • Granola with porridge oats and yoghurt < my go-to!
  • Cereal

Fresh orange juice and coffee are the available drinks.

My go-to breakfast of granola with oats and yoghurt.


There is a shared kitchen area where you can do some cooking and a water machine in order to fill your water bottle up.

Extra Amenities

The hostel runs completely free yoga and fitness sessions that are great to get involved with on the terrace in the hostel. Not many hostels offer these completely free of charge either!


There is a bar that does happy hour between 7-8PM selling a huge variety of alcoholic drinks, soft fizzy drinks/soda’s and also smoothies for those who are on a health kick.

Mayan Monkey smoothie.

Why is it not a 10/10?

There are flies around breakfast time as lets be real the flies want a piece of the delicious breakfast. The breakfast is amazing and this is a massive focus point at the hostel, but the rest of the food served during the day isn’t a focus point and this could be further developed.

So tell me straight MWT, who is Mayan Monkey best suited to?

This is the perfect hostel to stay in at the beginning of your trip in Tulum to establish a friendship group that you can move on with and explore the rest of Tulum together. If you do not like being disturbed at night and don’t want to be in a party hostel at all (even though you can get away from the party) then this is not the hostel for you!

Ultimately… are the ratings justified?

Yes! In my opinion the ratings are right, Mayan Monkey scores a solid 9/10 for me.

Look forward to seeing you in Tulum ASAP!

Hope you found this helpful, drop me a comment with your thoughts!

Lots of love, Alex Pringle aka Mind Wandering Traveller <3

Want to stay at Mayan Monkey? Click the link below!


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  1. Julian Albino
    January 23, 2021 / 8:14 pm

    This was super informative! I will be checking this out very soon as I am currently in Merida Mexico and dying for a party scene lol

    • Alex
      January 23, 2021 / 9:02 pm

      Thank you so much! I think you will love this Mayan Monkey!