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The beginning of the story

Picture this;

You can’t finish your sentences. Your brain doesn’t work at the normal pace any more. Electric shocks spark from your brain right through to your teeth, every time you speak. Your jaw is locked, completely locked. When you walk 3, 2, 1 black out.. andddd,,  you’re back… 3, 2,1, black out, and you’re back. Nobody notices.. red, green, blue, flash in front of your eyes in all different shapes and sizes. Your brain, is, slowing, down. 

Is it a brain tumour? Epilepsy? Stress? Is my brain shutting down?

What do I say – those are pretty large, abstract things to tell people without a diagnosis. But things that were so easy before… walking, talking, working, socialising, organising were extremely hard, almost impossible now. The worst thing about it.. I had to just pretend that everything was OK.

Despite this, I looked absolutely fine; those piercing words “you look really well” … thank you, I changed my highlighter to the new Charlotte Tilbur [insert emoji here, I’m sure you can work out which one would fit].

Oh but it will all be fine.. I’ll go to the Dr’s, I’ll get medication and everything will go back to normal.

Where I pinpointed the end of the story.. just happened to be the beginning.

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