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About Me

The journey connecting your head to your heart is the longest journey you will ever go on. It sometimes takes a tragedy in life to connect to your heart. Once you live life through your heart, you will be happier and more appreciative. This site is designed to share my story, to inspire others to keep on fighting no matter what you are going through and to make people aware who are lucky enough not to have gone through a traumatic event that you are not invincible, it is so important to be kind, humble and look out for your friends and family. Everyone is fighting some sort of battle, some are just better at hiding it than others.

Alex Pringle – Mind Wandering Traveller


I’m Alex, 26, I suffer with TMJ, Anxiety and Depression and have set up this website to show everyone that recovery is possible.

In August 2019 I got diagnosed with ‘epilepsy’ and lost the ability to talk. I found that there was such little information on the internet about people’s experiences with epilepsy and the mental health issues that run alongside the condition.

It turns out I was misdiagnosed 5 times. I suffer with TMJ but the mental health issues that came alongside this were unbearable. I want to shed light through blogging these experiences.

As a result, mental health has become something that I am hugely passionate about, and over the years I have developed techniques and routines to help manage my mental health.

A counsellor once told me;

We all have a coping mechanism, but at some point, that coping mechanism will stop working and you’ll have to find another one. 

My coping mechanism used to be working, I worked in Recruitment and in a Techno club behind the bar, it kept me busy and I loved it… but there is such thing as burnout. My coping mechanism, as my counsellor said, stopped working. 

That’s when my life stopped for the first time, you can battle and work, but what happens when you can’t work and can’t earn. Suddenly 4 years of work, promotions and effort to succeed was swept beneath my feet. 

That’s when I decided that the Universe had a different path for me, a path where I could use my interviewing skills that I perfected in recruitment and my passion for helping and inspiring others.

Nowadays, my coping mechanism is travelling the world and I continue to help others with the development of my Wellness Programme.

This website consists of travel blogs and vlogs, mental health blogs and my tailored 1:1 Wellness programme.

Check me out on Instagram and YouTube @MindWanderingTraveller.

I hope to help you in some way.